Lavender Beet Sangria

Posted on August 15, 2015 by Clare Pierson

Thanks for this Celeste Leonard at!


-1/2 a peach
-mint sprig (for a garnish)
-1/2 oz lavender vinegar syrup
-1/2 tsp beet juice
-1/2 oz orange juice
-1/2 c white wine
-cutting board

1) Get your knife to cut your peach. on the cutting board, halve the peach & dice it up into about 1″ pieces. (I have a habit of eating the other half of fruit whenever I make cocktails!)

2) Put your peaches in your glass. Measure out your other ingredients & pour over your diced peaches. Put ice in your glass. With your barspoon, give a stir to make sure everything is thoroughly mixed. Take your mint clap it between your hands. Place it on top! Boom! You’re done!

photo credit Celeste Leonard

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